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Phoenix Rising Festival
November 5, 2016
5:45 PMShrine AuditoriumGet details and ticket info here!
Ashmina Karem Show
March 24-26, 2017
TBATijuana, MexicoGet more details here!
Shimmy Shakedown Festival
April 9, 2017
7:00 PMThe Hermosa Beach Playhouse TheatreGet details and tickets here!


Phoenix Rising
November 5, 2016
12:45pm - Modern Oriental Combinations
Shrine AuditoriumRegister here and take the workshop with other fabulous people!


Phoenix Rising

Join me and other fantastic dancers in the Phoenix and Arizona community for a day of workshops, performances, and community!

Bastet Festival

Ashmina Karem is hosting the fabulous Wael Mansour, Amanda Rose, and Al Rachid!

Shimmy Shakedown Festival

Irene Presents: 9th Shimmy Shakedown Festival.  Workshops with amazing Instructors and Gala Show!

Workshop Descriptions

Phoenix Rising Festival

“Modern Egyptian Combinations”

Have you ever thought to yourself…”Man! I need some new moves to do! I do the same thing over and over”? Or how about “I feel like if I do something out of the box, it’s not belly dance anymore”. Oh wait, there’s this one! “That dancer is so creative! I would’ve never thought of that!”

Well it’s time to shift that thinking! We will cover new and exciting combinations to fill your creative thirst and keep you thinking outside the box. You’ll love how your body feels so join other dancers in dancing passionately and get your groove on!