Can’t do in-person classes? No problem! The Internet saves the day!

Well thanks to the lovely Interwebs, you can do online classes. From belly dance technique and accountability to competition/performance coaching and fine tuning your stage presence, online classes with Samantha may be the way to go! Check out more below!

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1 Day

24-Hour All Access Pass

Get your quick fix of belly dance with Samantha!



Monthly All Access Pass

Get your dose of belly dance with Samantha with a monthly subscription!

$ 12.99

1 Week

1 Week All Access Pass

Need a temporary dance partner for a week? This will do the trick!

Photo and Video Credits - Phoenix Rising Dance Festival, Samantha Karim, Brian Lamborn-Hertzberg from Cronkite School of Journalism, Oriental Bliss, Amethyst Dance Festival, Samsara Studios