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Think you can't belly dance? Think again.

As a professional belly dancer, I can show you how to belly dance online in the comfort of your own home in just 20 mins a day.

Raqs Sharqi, also known as belly dancing, can be for anyone. This art form is for everyone across all ages, genders and body types! Step by step learning gives you more body awareness, confidence and fulfillment. You'll become more familiar with movement and cultural context. The classes make dancing easy and enjoyable! Whether you dance for pure fun or to work up a sweat, you'll be smiling at the end! 🙂

Plus you'll get access to our Facebook group and be able to connect to a group of people who share your love of raqs sharqi. And when you have a community, there's people who've got your back.

This could be something different for you and you don't want to feel scared or hesitant in trying this out. I completely get that. Guaranteed fun and you can cancel at any time so there's no risk to you.

Choose which option is perfect for you and here’s what you get:

 -Access to over 75 of hours of pre-recorded dance instruction classes

-Go at your own pace

-Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced levels

-Instructor’s tools for instructors

-New classes added every month!

-Watch videos 24/7/365 and at the convenience of your own schedule.

-Videos are designed to be between 15-20 minutes to allow focus on one topic at a time.

-Access to FB page (includes group discussions, additional information, etc. with other members – ONLY available with All Access pass!)

-Contact Samantha more easily for questions about class content

-Cancel at any time because your satisfaction means a lot.

$ 3.99

1 Day

24-Hour All Access Pass

Get your quick fix of belly dance with Samantha!



Monthly All Access Pass

Get your dose of belly dance with Samantha with a monthly subscription!

$ 12.99

1 Week

1 Week All Access Pass

Need a temporary dance partner for a week? This will do the trick!

Photo and Video Credits - Phoenix Rising Dance Festival, Samantha Karim, Brian Lamborn-Hertzberg from Cronkite School of Journalism, Oriental Bliss, Amethyst Dance Festival, Samsara Studios