Think you can’t belly dance? Think again.


As a professional belly dancer, I can teach you how to have fun and effectively learn belly dance online in the comfort of your own home in just 20 minutes a day.


Raqs Sharqi (also known as belly dancing) is for every body. This art form spans across all ages, genders and body types!


Step by step, you will develop more body awareness, confidence, and fulfillment. You’ll become more skilled with the movement and the cultural context.


My classes make dancing easy and enjoyable! Whether you dance just for fun or to work up a sweat, you’ll be smiling in no time! 🙂 


Plus, you’ll get access to our Facebook group which connects you with fellow Raqs Sharqi lovers. Where there’s community, there’s people who’ve got your back!


This could be an experience of a lifetime! It can be scary to step into the unknown. I get that. BUT, I guarantee fun! Cancel at any time if you are unsatisfied whatsoever with the program.

“Here is a teacher who has fostered so much of my growth. She is patient and kind and so damn talented!  I don’t think I would have continued with dance in any capacity if not for her.  Teach, you’re the real deal.” – R, Student

“You’re an incredible dancer and instructor!  It’s so hard to find someone who can teach so clearly and with ferocious dedication like you!!!
Sign up for her classes people!” – A, Colleague

“You made it seem so flawless and the best part overall was how fun you made it look.  That’s why I’m drawn to you.  I just can’t wait to resume classes with you again.”  -M, student