About You


What do you think makes a GREAT teacher and performer? Shiny trophies? Being on TV? A strong presence on stage?

Been there, done that. But those things aren’t important.

       Giving a shit is important.  

             Contributing generously is important.  

                     Listening to your needs and communicating effectively is important.

 All the while maintaining authenticity, being straightforward with you, and having compassion for people.


Your progress and experience matter. You are important. I don’t BS! I’ve got your back! You will dance in a way that speaks to your purpose.


My skills and commitment can get you there and help you cultivate the shining, sparkling diamond that you are!


Don’t just study with me because I have a crapload of training, am a compassionate teacher, and dance pretty darn well.


Dance with me because you are inspired to dance bigger than you think is possible! You can and you will!


Great! You’ve made it this far. Wanna see why else you would have fun belly dancing? Continue reading below!


  •   We play and dance hard but we also work hard and smart. Sorry, my classes aren’t always easy!
  •   No bullshit, you get some straight-forward, but kind, impactful feedback
  •   We have lecture and dance time. And yes, I’m a teacher that does handouts
  •   We get to celebrate YOU!  Acknowledgements are a thing in my classes so be prepared to have your shining moment!
  •   I’m good at breaking things down.  You’ll get clear info on how to get the results you want
  •   Face it, I care about you a ton! and I don’t even know you yet!  How’s it gonna be when you’re a student?! (the word is amazing)
  •   Have body pain?  No worries!  I got alternate moves for just about everything
  •   Think you’re not the “right” size?  I’ve been “obese” and “thin” and know how to teach you based on YOUR body
  •   Social time with new friends!
  •   Laugh and actually enjoy a dance class!
  •   I believe in YOU…nuff said

About “The Inner Dancer Online Studio”


The search for the perfect online dance class for you could include: looking for new ideas from a great teacher, exercising at home, something that fits your schedule, or maybe a supplemental practice between your local in-person classes.


Will online classes completely take over in-person dance classes? Maybe not! But in this ever-changing climate, virtual dance classes could become a staple for practitioners from around the world.


The Inner Dancer online classes are here to suit your needs! From learning how to belly dance for beginners to advanced level performance technique, there is a way to have effective and fun dance training at your fingertips and to accessibly incorporate it into your everyday life.


Created with you in mind, online lessons save you time and a headache by giving you the knowledge and tools to succeed in your practice.


I’m passionately committed to making sure you have the best dance experience possible! I look forward to dancing with you in your home.


Get ready to shimmy those hips and grapevine your way to a great experience!

About Samantha Karim


With an extensive education in ballet, modern, salsa, ballroom, free-style, and belly dance, Samantha has harnessed the art of fusion dance while still recognizing the importance and beauty of traditional performances.


Samantha’s passionate performances inspire an authentic relationship with her students’ and her audience.


A sought after instructor, Samantha’s skilled, effective, fun, and compassionate teaching method are one-of-a-kind.


Her commitment to her students’ success involves opening them up to a journey of discovery and to not only inspire, but to also challenge them to “let their dancer out”.


Some awards, accomplishments, acknowledgements, or whateva…

  • 2016 Belly Dancer of the Universe Egyptian Champion and Fusion People’s Choice Winner
  • USA Belly Dance Queen Pro-Soloist 2013 Winner
  • Featured on TLC’s Four Weddings
  • Nominated for Arizona’s Favorite Cabaret/Oriental Artist in 2012

About Our Team


Archette Marie Ajon

A Digital Marketing Virtual Assistant from the Philippines who specializes in Graphic Designing, Website Portal creation, and Video Editing. She loves camping, loves reading fantasy novels, watching mind-bending movies, and is a huge fan of anime. She also has a big heart for the environment and strongly encourages everyone to protect the animals and all the natural world.