Learn How the Little Known ‘BTA Formula” Can


Bring Out the Badass Teacher Within You



Boost Student Retention, Teach More Effectively, and…


Become the GO-TO Instructor in ANY Field



the Badass Teacher Academy


Taught by World-Renowned Instructor – Samantha Karim

Using the ‘BTA Formula’, You’ll Learn to:

  • Communicate Effectively so that Others Truly Understand
  • Keep Students Coming Back for More & More
  • Clarify Long-Term Goals for You and Your Students
  • Establish Certainty and a Sense of Security
  • Inspire Your Students to Succeed Beyond Their Beliefs
  • Own Your Niche – Becoming the Go-to Expert
  • And so much more

I’ve Changed the Lives of Teachers


In Multiple Disciplines…


Can My Program Revolutionize Your Teaching Style too?

This Program is NOT For You if:

X – You’re Not a Teacher & Don’t Plan

on Becoming One 

X – You’re fine with Students Taking

One Class and Never Coming Back

X – You Don’t Want to Add More Value

to Your Student’s Lives

X -Instability and Uncertainty are OK for You

X -The Idea of Improving and Growing Yourself

isn’t Interesting

This Program IS FOR YOU if:

✅ – You Are a Teacher & Want to Become


✅ – You Want Students to Come Back to You Over and Over Again

✅ – Adding More Value to Your

Students’ Lives is a Priority

✅ – You want to Feel Stabilized and


✅ – You KNOW You’re Capable of


Check Out the Results My “Teacher Students”


Have Achieved Using the ‘BTA Formula”

I would HIGHLY recommend investing in the Badass Teacher Academy! It’s a great resource for experienced teachers who are looking to refine or redefine their teaching practices. For new teachers the information and resources are so incredibly valuable in helping establish who you are going to be as a teacher. I really wish this program had been around years ago when I started teaching!

-Shel, Yuma, AZ

Six weeks of growth, nurturing and blooming into the teacher I want to be, is made possible by this training. Samantha is an amazing leader and her academy is a must! Louder for everyone in the back…. A MUST! The only way to grow is to understand who you are as a unique, talented gift to all. Samantha asks questions that only you have the answers for, while giving you structure, support and feedback.

-Rhani, Houston, TX

What Makes Badass Teacher Academy Different?

Hi – Samantha here!


I’m the instructor and creator of Badass Teacher Academy.


After over 15 years of teaching both students and teachers, all over the world…


I’ve developed a killer teaching formula that’ll allow you to:

  • Definitively clarify your craft
  • Generate the mindset all great teachers have
  • Truly understand how to teach and how students really learn
  • Confidently define why you’re the go-to teacher in your niche
  • Lead classes with clear outcomes
  • Inspire students to become leaders in their fields
  • And boost your student retention to unbelievable levels.


I call my method…

The BTA Formula

It’s a no BS way to drastically up your ability to teach effectively…


Changing your life and the lives of your students forever.


No more panicky feelings, no more chaos, no more barriers in communication, and no more disappearing students.


Using the “BTA Formula” taught in my Badass Teacher Academy,


You’ll become THE GO-TO TEACHER in whatever niche you’re in.

The hard works’ already been done for you.

I’ve gone through the stress of feeling like I’m just flying by the seat of my pants…


…losing students, and begin unable to properly help them grasp new concepts…


I know what it’s like to feel like teaching is complete chaos, rather than being organized, methodical, and effective.


But after over a decade and a half, I’ve figured out a RIDICULOUSLY EFFECTIVE formula that’s turned myself into the teacher, both I and my students, always knew I could be.

And Now I’m Sharing Everything I Know…


With You

You have something important to teach and offer the world.


I’ll help you become the most effective teacher you possibly can.


Sought after by students around the world…


Referred to you by even the top fellow teachers in your niche…


And given the power to change lives…


Don’t put it off any longer.


Stand in Your Greatness.  Amplify Your Voice.


Join us at the Badass Teacher Academy.  And I’ll be there to help you every single step of the way.


— Samantha

What Can You Expect


When Signing Up?



  • 6 weeks of Live Classes, Course Material & Recordings.  
  • LIFETIME Access to Your Course


  • Weekly Coaching Sessions with Peers.
  • Access to Group Coaching Session Recordings


  • Keep Yourself Around Others Excited to Grow
  • Accountability is the Key to Improvement!


  • Exclusive Tools, Templates, and Resources the TOP Teachers Use

Live courses start Nov 4th and last 6 weeks.  I’ll go live every Thursday at 200PM AZ time/500PM EST.

*If you can’t make the live classes, you’ll have access to all class recordings so you can follow along any time!

Listen to How My Classes Benefitted these Students


Is this right for me?

This course is a great fit for you if you’re planning on teaching, just started teaching, or are currently a teacher who is looking to be highly effective with your students and create an amazing experience.  This program works for people who are teaching dance, fitness, a physical skill, and more!

How does it all work?

This course is designed with your experience and results in mind.  After signing up for the course, you will receive a break down of your schedule and a welcome email with all the details to know about your curriculum.

Long-term impact?

Absolutely!  Investing in yourself and doing the work that it takes to get there will create the results YOU want in your life.  Not gonna lie, it’s not easy work and…the payoff is hella rewarding.

How does billing work?

The total cost of the program is $1350.00.

If you make a one-time full payment, then your cost is $1200.oo ($150.00 savings). You can click here to make that payment.

To reserve your spot in the program, a minimum of the deposit is required. Deposit is $450.  Your card will be charge 2 more times ($450 each time) to cover the remaining balance.  All balances are 1 week before the course begins (July 15, 2021).  To pay for the deposit you can click here.

Payments are non-refundable.  If you unexpectedly cannot make the class, please reach out to Samantha.

What's Lifetime Access?

Growth is an ongoing process.  To make sure you are fully supported, you can continually come back to the content, indefinitely, feeling confident that you have a community rooting for your success.

Why choose Samantha?

Don’t take our word for it.  Here are testimonials from people who have studied with Samantha:

  • Samantha not only offers challenging classes but also makes them approachable and accessible for any level. – Shannon, Divine Chaos
  • Samantha’s powerful performances, extensive training and charismatic teaching style fill workshops, but her preparation, positive attitude and professionalism make her a stand out to an event producer. – Krisenna, Amethyst Dance Festival
  • Her online library of classes is extensive. She has a way of thoroughly breaking down the movement into understandable concepts whether you are a beginner or more advanced. – Lauren, student
  • She was easily able to help me correct a balance issue I was having within the first 5 minutes of class! – Adrianne, Dancer