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Here is our current Live Streaming Class Calendar! Body Conditioning, Belly Dance and more!

Remember you can attend the Live Streaming or view the Live Streaming Recording for up to two weeks after the class.

Let’s do this!


Beginning Belly Dance – 600pm AZ time

with Samantha Karim


“Rhythm and Combinations” –  January 16 – March 6, 2023


Come enjoy the essence and culture of Raqs Sharqi, also known as BELLY DANCING!

This class is designed to cover the basics such as history, posture, weight change, all those shimmy-tastic moves, and more! Add the element of FUN and we’re in for an AWESOME TIME!

Don’t be scared if you’ve never danced before and you feel that rag dolls have more coordination than you do. All you need is an awesome attitude and a smile!

Once you get a hang of your technique, we apply it towards a simple and fun combination!  Let’s dance!

*Recording of this class available for 2 weeks after live stream


Int/Adv Belly Dance – 600pm AZ time

with Samantha Karim


“What Do I Do With This?” –  January 2023


Isolation, fluidity, range of motion, and control over our movement…. are just some of the things we aim for.

Learning proper techniques supports you in moving WITH your body instead of against your body. Be prepared to practice until it becomes permanent and to sweat until you dehydrate into a raisin.

Focus topics change from month to month and technique is worked into topic. This class is recommended for those who are very comfortable with the foundational/beginning moves of belly dance.

*Recording of this class available for 2 weeks after the live stream




“Samantha’s Choice” – 600pm-700pm AZ Time

with Featured Teachers


Every Thursday Samantha’s Choice classes consist of a rotating class schedule.  It’s like a teacher and class sampler!!
Meaning every week, we choose one of our vetted and experienced teachers to teach a class with content you’ll love.

Follow us on social media to see who is teaching next!

*Recording of this class available for 2 weeks after live stream.

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Pilates for Dancers! – 900am-930am AZ Time

with Ashley Rhianne

** Instructor currently on maternity leave. Classes paused for now.


Using Pilates, you will be conditioning your body to feel safe and confident in your movement.

This is only a 30 minute class, great for getting that quick workout in and being ready for the day!

All levels welcome!

Equipment needed: Light hand weights but also soup cans or bottles of wine work!

If you have a Pilates ball great! But if not, you can use a rolled up towel or small pillow.

*Recording of this class available for 2 weeks after live stream