Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where is the studio exactly?

A:  Don’t worry!  Before you pay for a class you will notice that the cross streets are 32nd Street and Thomas Road in Phoenix, AZ 85016.  Once you register and pay for the class, the exact address is given to you along with instructions on what to do once you get to the studio.

Q: What is each class about?

A: If you go to the bottom of your screen on the “Studio Classes” page, you will see descriptions for each class.

Q: What do Members get exactly when they sign up?

A: Members get the following:

  • Access to the Class Videos online which were filmed during class. This allows the Member to review the material at any point in time 24/7 without feeling like there’s nothing to help guide her practice at home. She can also go over something that perhaps was missed during class and review class discussions. Not to mention the AWESOMENESS of seeing herself on video, what strengths she has, and what she can work on.
  • Open Studio Time is included in Membership which allows the Member to have a space without reserving ahead of time to come practice in the studio FREE.
  • Overnight lockers are great for the fact that you can leave your dance gear, toiletries, etc. at the studio without having to worry about forgetting them and not being able to practice. This is great to have for Open Studio Time.
  • Members are provided towels during class to keep themselves refreshed and not dripping.  Let’s face it, we know how it can go.
  • Members receive a code for 15% off Private Lessons. Who doesn’t love a discount?
  • 10 MINUTE ACCRUAL TOWARDS PRIVATE LESSONS is amazing! This means that when Members pay each month, they earn 10 minutes of FREE Private Lesson towards a 1 hour Private Lesson.  This is FREE to accrue and just another way to say thank you for being a member.
  • Class is guaranteed to happen for a member.  Even if the Member is the only one who shows up, class will happen for that Member…yay!

Q: Since the videos are online for Members, can they be shared?

A:  As an artist we love to share what we love with others.  However information granted to a paying Member is not to be shared, copied, downloaded, or distributed in any other form. For more info on this, you can go to our Privacy Policies and Terms of Condition page.

Q: When I create a LogIn Username and Password, how do I use it?

A:  If you have created a LogIn Username and Password AND want to pay for something, make sure you log in under “Member Login” FIRST, whether or not you are member.  Otherwise you will be redirected back to the homepage when you want to pay for something.  This will help alleviate some frustrations along the way.  You can access your “Account” and change your password and other info there.

If you are a member and want to access your Class Videos, log in first and then click on “My Classes” and you will be directed to your videos.

Q: How does the “$68 for 4 Classes a Month” work?

A: When you purchase this package, you can come to any 4 classes of your choosing THAT month. Meaning, once the first class is redeemed, your timeline starts for the month it was redeemed in.  It is highly suggest that you come as close to the beginning of the month as possible so you have more choices/options in which classes to attend.  Your 4 classes will expire at the end of that month, will not carry over to the next month and is non-refundable.  Your class attendance will be kept track of by the sign in sheet so make sure you sign in for class!  If for some reason you cannot finish out your 4 classes, you are more than welcome to send someone in your place but please send an email to Samantha in order to communicate this.  Sharing of your 4 Classes a Month is not allowed.

Q: What is the policy on refunds, transfers, cancellations?

A: For Studio Classes, Classes that are purchased cannot be refunded.  However they can be transferred.  Please contact Samantha here to let her know who will be taking your place.  If you are a Member, another person cannot share your membership or take a class in your place that you intended on taking.

For Private Lessons:

  • Refunds/Cancellations and Reschedules are possible up to 48 hours before Private Lesson.
  • 50% is refunded for refunds/cancellations within 48 hours.
  • No refunds are given within 24 hours.
  • Reschedules are allowed but must be rescheduled within 4 weeks of original date scheduled.

Q: Why does it say “Reoccurring Payments” on my PayPal account when I purchase classes?

A:  The Inner Dancer website was designed as a membership platform.  It allows reoccurring payments.  However, you will NOT be charged reoccurring payments when you pay for any class or item except for the Membership Package.  The payment system for non-Member packages knows to stop after one payment.  Memberships are charged every month on a reoccurring basis, at which you can stop at any time.  If you see that something is not processed correctly, please feel free to contact Samantha.