Learn How to Belly Dance with Friends While You Nosh and Sip from the comfort of your living room.


It’s time to shimmy!


You’re going to love this!


Invite as many friends as you like, grab your favorite beverage, and shimmy the night away your own private belly dance party.

Here’s What You Get!

  • An unlimited number of guests to party with
  • Expert belly dancing instruction from Samantha Karim who has over 14 years of experience.
  • 60 minutes of private lessons in the comfort of your living room.
  • You’ll walk away knowing more about this amazing art form and have a fun belly dance routine to use afterward. 
  • A new and exciting way to socialize that makes getting together even more fun.

Join Samantha Karim from The Inner Dancer to enjoy a happy hour of dancing, food, drinks, and fun!


Plus, learn about this culture dance known to most as Belly dancing but truly the dancing art form know as Raqs Sharqi or Oriental Dance!


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  • Can I do it with just 2 people?
    • Yes! You can do it with 2 people or 10. With the video call you can add as many people as you want. So invite as many friends as you’d like.


  • How do you join in to dance?
    • The happy hour will happen over a Zoom call which will be sent to the person who registers for the event. You’ll pick the time and day and everyone will use the same link to join in.


  • Can I join from my phone?
    • Yep! You can do the Zoom call from your phone, tablet, or computer. Just make sure your mic and video are enabled so you can hear and interact with each other.


  • I’m out of shape, I don’t know how to belly dance…
    • This is about socializing, trying something new, and just having fun. The goal is to do something new together and enjoy some good company so none of that matters!


  • Do you need to wear anything special for the happy hour?
    • Nope! Wear what makes you comfortable. If you want to wear a t-shirt and leggings or even pajamas (or if a t-shirt and leggings are pajamas – same girl, same) you can show up any way you feel comfortable. Although if you have a scarf or something to wrap around your hips, it would make your experience a bit more fun.


  • How do I set this up?
    • Use the link below to pick a time and date slot that works for you and your happy hour crew. Then once you check out your time will be reserved and a link for the event will be sent to you via email. Once Samantha emails you to confirm your time slot, your party will be fully booked.