Are you in the “before” of belly dancing?


The “before” of belly dancing is what you actually think and feel before you take a belly dance class or start asking about it.


Be in the “after” of belly dancing for $64.99/month.

You say this often:

“I’ve always wanted to learn belly dancing!”
“That was so much fun!”
“Let me see if I can do it every week with my schedule”
“I’m not good with videos. I need a live class.”

What you are actually saying is:

“I’ve been wanting an excuse to move my body but I haven’t given myself the permission to do so.”
“I have a lot of stress in my life and I need to do something about it now.”
“I have to justify why I would spend time on myself because I should be doing something else…not this…not for me.”
“I don’t trust myself enough to follow through. I’ve failed in the past before.”

And here’s what you end up with.
No belly dancing.
More reasons to keep you away from what you want.
Feeling shitty often and being a victim to it.

You don’t get out of that cycle by doing the same thing over and over again.


Listen, there’s never going to be a “right time” for you to make a choice to do what you want.


You just make a choice.

Even if it means you have to start flipping your world upside down to get what you want.

But then you tell yourself…
“It’s too much work.”
“It’s not really worth it.”
“It’s okay, I’ll do it later.”

“Now’s not a good time.”

The truth?
It will take effort on your part.
That’s not a reason to stop and quit on you.
You will always be worth it. Non-negotiable.

Later is another excuse you tell yourself.
You don’t have to make a choice to go after what you want.
Because that would mean letting go of your reasons that you’ve held on to for years.

But you’re worth going after.


The “After” of belly dancing is worth it.

You’ll get freedom of movement in your body.


Your negative beliefs about you and your body will disintegrate.


You’ll connect with yourself emotionally and physically on a deeper level than you thought possible.


You make it work and learn how to not wait for the “perfect” time.

Don’t let your life be the summation of your excuses.

You will move further away from those excuses so you can get what you really want.

Take the first step for yourself now and start being in the “After” of belly dancing.

How you get there:


Disintegrate those non-working beliefs about you and your body with the support of Samantha.


Flow of Movement.

Learn how to belly dance step-by-step with simple doable movements and Samantha’s signature break down. Repetition is a key part of your success and is built into everything you do.


Context of how to use your body and when, in the body you have today.

You won’t be dancing with “the body” you think or society thinks you “should” have.  You dance with how you are now.  Embracing you, now, will take you further.

You’ll get clear on how to apply the belly dance moves you learn and to what type of music to use it to.


Learn how to practice at home and dance more.

Easy, repeatable, and effective actions that allow you to practice at home and dance more.


Coaching and Learning how to coach yourself.

You will learn how to take yourself to the next level with simple questions that bring awareness forward.  Samantha’s coaching focuses on exploration of what is missing and what is in your way, as well as strengthening what you already know.  Clear your path to your belly dance dream and move forward powerfully.

Experience group coaching and how observing others getting coached impacts you.

What you get:

-Weekly Live Online Classes with Samantha Karim and other vetted, top-notch teachers.

  • Beginning Belly Dance – Mondays – 600 -715pm Arizona Time
  • Int/Adv Belly Dance – Tuesdays – 600 -715pm Arizona Time
  • “Samantha’s Choice” – Guest Instructors – Thursdays – 600 -700pm Arizona Time

-Fully recorded curriculums that take you from an absolute beginner to a more experienced dancer. The modules meet you where you are with your experience.

-Recordings of weekly live online classes.

-Notes from each class and what to work on.

-Worksheets to develop yourself as a dancer.

-Monthly dance and thought themes. You are guided weekly by Samantha.

-Weekly coaching in your classes.  Bring your “feeling stuck” moments to get coached.

-Body Awareness exercises that allow you to tune into your body and get more out of the movement.

-Questionnaire to customize your experience.

-Connection to your Facebook community.  Share your thoughts with others and see what others are experiencing alongside you.

-Access to Bonus material. Reiterate what you’ve learned with additional content.

-Content built around repeating movement, or as we call in the dance world “drilling”, that you are working on so you can seal the deal.

-Resources on how to find music

-Performance opportunity. *Requires a conversation with Samantha before signing up to perform.

-Weekend Intensive with Samantha (Live and Online experience available).

-Belief in yourself and how you can show up and get hard shit done.

-Learn how to struggle forward

-Feel confident in the body you have now

-Learn how to belly dance and be empowered around it.

-Understand Egyptian Oriental music.

-Know how to manage challenges and obstacles

-Love, be compassionate, and kind to yourself.

-Understand the value of learning something slowly and intentionally

-Dance multiple times a week

-Learn how to apply feedback from someone else without making it mean something about you personally.



-Mini course “7 Ways To Tone Your Belly Using These Belly Dance Moves”

What you’re left with:

A fucking badass, repeatable process to dancing freely and boldly.


You dance unapologetically.


You dance when you want, how you want, wherever you want.


You are released from the constraints of negative thoughts about you and your body.


You walk through life feeling the most amazing you’ve ever felt about you.

That feeling you’ve been craving for years?

Yeah…it’s now yours.

Which membership is best for me?

Great question!  Choose the one that excites you the most!

  • If you love to learn completely on your own with less interaction, the Unlimited All Access pass is for you.
  • If you love a hybrid model, where you can learn on your own AND interact with others, including me, also getting live feedback, then the most popular package, the Unlimited ALL Access Pass is still the one to go with.
  • If you know you want all of the above and personalized one-on-one coaching through private lessons and more, then VIP is the way to go.

Why get a membership?

Consider this:

  • The point of getting a membership is to have a sense of a long-term and continuing education in your training. Doing one offs, here and there, have a different impact on your knowledge, your consistency, and in the end, your effectiveness.
  • If you’re going to study, train, and apply yourself and enjoy the process, it’s more effective to be committed to on-going classes in an environment you love and crave. 
  • Creating a fun and open relationship with your teacher who can encourage and support you along the way is an amazing experience too. <3

What if I have physical concerns?

If you are worried about your pains, body limitations, or even how “in shape” you are…

  • Samantha has worked with many people who have physical limitations due to injuries, medical conditions, etc.  She can give you alternate moves.
  • This art form is for any “body” and you get to dance in YOUR body. Not someone else’s.
  • Always make sure you are cleared for physical activity by your trusted medical professional.  This will allow you to move with more confidence and make sure that you stay safe.

What do I get when I join?

Oh wow, that’s a long list of benefits! 🙂  But ultimately depending on the pass you pick, there are different levels of benefits:

  • VIP pass: you get personalized coaching 2x a month, video feedback, customized curriculum and goal setting, plus all the benefits listed below (access to all Live Streaming and On-Demand classes plus more). More details can also be found here.
  • Unlimited ALL Access Pass:  you get all Live Streaming and On-Demand classes.  There is weekly follow up with me and we have ways to guide your education as well as you see in me class and get live feedback.  More details can be found here.

Why study with Samantha Karim?

Don’t take our word for it.  Here are testimonials from people who have studied with Samantha:

  • Samantha not only offers challenging classes but also makes them approachable and accessible for any level. – Shannon, Divine Chaos
  • Samantha’s powerful performances, extensive training and charismatic teaching style fill workshops, but her preparation, positive attitude and professionalism make her a stand out to an event producer. – Krisenna, Amethyst Dance Festival
  • Her online library of classes is extensive. She has a way of thoroughly breaking down the movement into understandable concepts whether you are a beginner or more advanced. – Lauren, student
  • She was easily able to help me correct a balance issue I was having within the first 5 minutes of class! – Adrianne, Dancer

Guaranteed fun or your money back

It’s all about you and always will be.

  • Feel confident in your learning process
  • Samantha is here to support you, is committed to your learning process and success.
  • No risk to you because it’s all about you!
  • Any questions? Ask away!