Laugh More, Get Energized, and


Reach Your Goals Through Belly Dance


No matter your physical ability, location, or circumstance, we use belly dancing, open communication, and a supportive community to help you achieve what you want

“I really enjoy taking belly dance classes from Samantha Karim. She has a way of thoroughly breaking down the movement into understandable concepts whether you are a beginner or more advanced. Her live classes are both fun and challenging at the same time. You can tell that she absolutely loves belly dance because her passion and enthusiasm shine through in everything she teaches. I have learned so much from her. Plus she is an exquisite dancer and leads by example. Samantha is funny, charming and incredibly knowledgeable. I highly recommend taking her classes.”

— Lauren, Belly Dancer in Phoenix, AZ

Challenge Yourself Individually.


Grow With Others as a Community.

Learn an Exciting New Skill

Belly dancing – or Raqs Sharqi – is an impressive and exciting skill. With my attention to detail, I can break down any concept so that you can fully understand & grasp. Bust out your newly acquired dance abilities at events, becoming the life of the party. Or dance in the comfort of your home to melt away stress.

Join a Vibrant Community

Whenever you join either of my available ‘all-access’ packages, you’ll get immediate access to our exclusive Facebook group. Here, you’ll officially become a member of ‘The Inner Dancer’ family. Get to know passionate people around the globe, all part of a safe, comfortable, and extremely supportive community.

Have Fun & Get What You Want

My most important goal for you isn’t just the dancing itself. It’s making sure you have a sh*t ton of fun while working towards your goals. And I’m committed to your journey wholeheartedly. My classes are a judgement-free zone where you can build relationships, get inspired, and be left happier.

What Can You Expect?

-Live Online Weekly Classes!


-Recordings of Live Online Classes Available for 2 Weeks After Ending


-Access to All Pre-Recorded Online Classes


-Different Classes for Different Levels of Experience


-Personalized Feedback & Advice


-Live Interaction With Other ‘Inner Dancer’ Members In Your Online Class


-Over 130 Additional Instructional Videos


-Direct & Open Communication with Samantha


-And So Much More!

One of My Students Had This to Say!

–Shaliney of Amun RaMagik

What Are you Waiting For?


Choose the Package that Fits Your Needs Best!


Let belly dancing help you on your way to getting what you want and having a good time doing it.

No contracts, no BS – focus on your growth while knowing you can cancel at any time!

Unlimited Membership

**Most Popular Option**


Limited Time Offer ($84.99/month)
Just $64.99 per Month!

VIP Membership

**Personalized Dance Experience**


Limited Time Offer ($189.99/month)
Just $149.99 per Month!

*Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced and Professional online curriculum and content.

*Calendar of Live Online classes are here.

*Recording of Live Online classes available for 2 weeks with passes.

*2 x 30-minute private lessons per month

*2 x 5-minute video feedback per month

Think You’re Not ‘Cut Out’ for Belly Dancing?


Think Again!

The World offers us countless opportunities, as human beings, to grow, become more fulfilled, and experience joy.


But on the flip side, I also acknowledge that there are limitations preventing many of us from acting on the opportunities we’re presented, and getting what we want.


You’re probably even experiencing some limitations yourself.


Some of us have physical limitations, others aren’t “mentally in the right place” to take steps towards growth, and others may feel like they don’t have the time.


However, I want you to know that although life can throw constant curve balls at us, we can still break through our limitations. With the right knowledge and support, we can get to where we want to be!


But I’m NOT saying it’s easy…


Although I’m a professional belly dancer, and may seem like I’m an unbreakable happy machine that just came out of the womb dancing…


…I have been through my own limitations and setbacks too.


I’ve been at different body types, had my fair share of injuries, and certainly had many points in my life where I felt like I wasn’t ‘cut out’ for this.


But I am. And YOU ARE.


I’ve worked through it to become stronger, and to also help others. I’ve lead experienced competitive dancers on to become award winners. And I’ve helped hobbyists navigate towards their most pressing desires, both during and outside of classes.


I want to help you too, and be your #1 supporter!


I love teaching students like you not only because I love dance, but also because I understand the things that hold us back, and LOVE seeing my students break through to find their authentic selves.


I’ll be there for you when you need me. During happy dance times and through the challenging times!


Come grow, not just with me, but also with our entire community of belly dancers on journeys towards compassion, inspiration, and everything we want to achieve.


You’ll never feel alone. I have your back!


“Samantha is an outstanding instructor. Having studied with dance teachers all over the United States I can easily say she is one of the best. She is able to break down movements into basic building blocks and gives her students the confidence to push themselves to new levels.  She was easily able to help me correct a balance issue I was having within the first 5 minutes of class!

No matter if you’re a beginner looking for something new or an experienced dancer wanting to level up she’s the instructor for you.

Samantha is the full package: Patient, Knowledgeable, Caring and Inspiring you have to check out her classes!!!”

— Adrianne, Dancer and Instructor

Which membership is best for me?

Great question!  Choose the one that excites you the most!

  • If you love to learn completely on your own with less interaction, the Unlimited All Access pass is for you.
  • If you love a hybrid model, where you can learn on your own AND interact with others, including me, also getting live feedback, then the most popular package, the Unlimited ALL Access Pass is still the one to go with.
  • If you know you want all of the above and personalized one-on-one coaching through private lessons and more, then VIP is the way to go.

Why get a membership?

Consider this:

  • The point of getting a membership is to have a sense of a long-term and continuing education in your training. Doing one offs, here and there, have a different impact on your knowledge, your consistency, and in the end, your effectiveness.
  • If you’re going to study, train, and apply yourself and enjoy the process, it’s more effective to be committed to on-going classes in an environment you love and crave. 
  • Creating a fun and open relationship with your teacher who can encourage and support you along the way is an amazing experience too. <3

What if I have physical concerns?

If you are worried about your pains, body limitations, or even how “in shape” you are…

  • Samantha has worked with many people who have physical limitations due to injuries, medical conditions, etc.  She can give you alternate moves.
  • This art form is for any “body” and you get to dance in YOUR body. Not someone else’s.
  • Always make sure you are cleared for physical activity by your trusted medical professional.  This will allow you to move with more confidence and make sure that you stay safe.

What do I get when I join?

Oh wow, that’s a long list of benefits! 🙂  But ultimately depending on the pass you pick, there are different levels of benefits:

  • VIP pass: you get personalized coaching 2x a month, video feedback, customized curriculum and goal setting, plus all the benefits listed below (access to all Live Streaming and On-Demand classes plus more). More details can also be found here.
  • Unlimited ALL Access Pass:  you get all Live Streaming and On-Demand classes.  There is weekly follow up with me and we have ways to guide your education as well as you see in me class and get live feedback.  More details can be found here.

Why study with Samantha Karim?

Don’t take our word for it.  Here are testimonials from people who have studied with Samantha:

  • Samantha not only offers challenging classes but also makes them approachable and accessible for any level. – Shannon, Divine Chaos
  • Samantha’s powerful performances, extensive training and charismatic teaching style fill workshops, but her preparation, positive attitude and professionalism make her a stand out to an event producer. – Krisenna, Amethyst Dance Festival
  • Her online library of classes is extensive. She has a way of thoroughly breaking down the movement into understandable concepts whether you are a beginner or more advanced. – Lauren, student
  • She was easily able to help me correct a balance issue I was having within the first 5 minutes of class! – Adrianne, Dancer

Guaranteed fun or your money back

It’s all about you and always will be.

  • Feel confident in your learning process
  • Samantha is here to support you, is committed to your learning process and success.
  • No risk to you because it’s all about you!
  • Any questions? Ask away!