Unlimited Membership

$64.99 / month

Monthly access to ALL Live and On-demand classes!

Great for Beginning Belly Dance, Int/Adv Raqs Sharqi, “Samantha’s Choice”, Pilates for Dancers classes and all classes on the schedule.

After becoming a member, you’ll receive an email with Zoom links to your classes.

No more worrying about which class to take or how much to pay.  You get everything…including viewing of Live Stream recordings for two weeks after the class happens! I’m committed to making sure you get a well-rounded education and a hybrid of both on-your-own practice in addition to my coaching is an effective and fun approach.

Membership Benefits:

  • Quarterly, a native teacher is hosted by Samantha to learn from people of the culture.
  • Weekly emails are sent with monthly themes and week to week steps so you don’t get overwhelmed
  • Belly Dance “Need-to-Knows” are sent out so you stay connected with current events, music, and the belly dance world.
  • Samantha’s notes from her live streamed classes are linked with each live streaming video.  No more trying to remember what you did in class.

Live Weekly:

  • Weekly Live Streaming Classes
  • Recording of Live Streaming classes for two weeks
  • Beginning class – get your skill set of foundations
  • Intermediate/Advanced Class – polish your movement
  • Live feedback
  • Individualized personal feedback and corrections
  • Questions get answered immediately
  • “In person” experience
  • Community of dancers in class with you
  • Recap of each class captured for you so if you miss class you don’t miss material



  • Access to all pre-recorded classes, Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced levels
  • New material added every month!
  • Watch over 100 videos,  24/7/365 and at the convenience of your own schedule.
  • Tools for teachers
  • Designed as 15-20 minutes lessons to increase focus
  • Connect with your community in private FB group (includes group discussions, additional information, etc. with other members)
  • Easily connect with Samantha about class content

Reoccurring monthly charge.

Cancel at any time!

Any questions? Ask away!


Monthly access to ALL offered classes – Live and On-Demand classes!


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