Resources for Belly Dance Teachers

Today we are going to go over my top resources for belly dancing teachers. While I specifically teach Raqs Sharki, these resources are relevant to any dance teacher. I’m very excited to share the free and affordable resources that have helped me grow as a teacher and better lead my students to their own version of success in my classes. 


This round-up covers everything from mindset, tools, mistakes, and even a step-by-step guide to becoming a totally badass teacher in any field you choose! Each section contains a link to another full-length blog and video that you can use to grow as a teacher. Be sure to check out any ones that interest you and leave a comment below if there is something more you’d love me to cover!


Mindset for Teaching


Let’s start with mindset. I have talked a lot about the mental health aspect of dance and I stand by how important it is no matter where you are as a teacher or dancer. There is so much that goes into the physical side that sometimes we neglect our mental well-being as teachers. Being a teacher might mean you are good at what you do, but we both know it’s a continuous commitment of learning for ourselves. Let’s make it the norm that we practice working on our dance technique as well as our mindset. You can learn more about how dance is affected by mindset here. 


I have also found several Ted Talks that influenced me as a teacher and I have been able to apply the message to my practice. Years after finding them I still relate back to them and continue to apply the inspiring lessons on mindset and growth to my daily life. You can check out the list of my favorite mindset Ted Talks here!


Technology for Teachers


I didn’t forget about technology. Both apps and the technology to run classes either in person or online is important to be well versed in. Let’s start with apps. I have come across so many free and a few affordable apps that I use as a belly dance teacher. Most of these apps can be used by any dancer teacher and can really help you streamline some aspects of your practice. Check out my top apps in this blog.


The classroom can be intimidating even as an experienced and skilled teacher. We can feel like we are on stage and held on a pedestal. And for good reason. As a teacher, you’re a mentor, a facilitator, a guide, and much more to your students. You can rock each class with simple set up steps to ensure every class goes smoothly and you have room and a plan just in case things don’t! Check out how to prepare to teach a belly dance class so you can feel confident every time.


Continued Learning


I had so many wins as a teacher but also some hard-learned lessons. I share a few of them here in this blog on some common mistakes belly dancer teachers make. Instead of repeating the ones I’ve made, you can learn what to look for and even avoid as a teacher to get the most out of your classes for you and your students. I cover everything from class pace to assumptions about how students feel. You don’t need to be perfect as a teacher, you just have to be willing to learn and grow. 

I’ve been teaching for years in person and also have an online studio where students can take classes at their own pace from home! One thing I know is that all of the work it took me to get to the level of teaching I am today was a long road but one that was worth it. Seeing my students have success, in turn, makes me feel successful, and if you are looking for a step-by-step curriculum to becoming the badass teacher of your dreams, you can check out my next-level teaching course. Ready to cultivate your badassery? Check out my Badass Teacher Academy here!


If you have questions, schedule your free 15-minute call with me. I can help you get more confidence and clarity in your teaching.

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