“When I started constructing a line up for the Accelerated Workshops for the Amethyst Dance Festival, Samantha Karim was one of the first on my list. She is a dynamic performer who can leave an audience spell bound with an emotional piece or bring them to their feet with a lively, interactive set.

Samantha’s powerful performances, extensive training and charismatic teaching style fill workshops, but her preparation, positive attitude and professionalism make her a stand out to an event producer.

I feel so fortunate that Samantha Karim has been a staple at Amethyst over the years, and I’m very honored to have the opportunity to recommend her to others who may be seeking a top notch performer/instructor for their events.”

-Krisenna Zipporah Producer of the Amethyst Dance Festival

“I really enjoy taking bellydance classes from Samantha Karim. Her online library of classes is extensive. She has a way of thoroughly breaking down the movement into understandable concepts whether you are a beginner or more advanced.

Her live classes are both fun and challenging at the same time. The hour just seems to fly by. You can tell that she absolutely loves bellydance because her passion and enthusiasm for this art form shine through in everything she teaches.
I have learned so much about technique, musicality and the history of the dance from her. Plus she is an exquisite dancer and leads by example.
Samantha is funny, charming and incredibly knowledgeable. I highly recommend taking classes from her. “

“Samantha is an outstanding instructor. Having studied with dance teachers all over the United States I can easily say she is one of the best. She is able to break down movements into basic building blocks and gives her students the confidence to push themselves to new levels.  She was easily able to help me correct a balance issue I was having within the first 5 minutes of class!

No matter if you’re a beginner looking for something new or an experienced dancer wanting to level up she’s the instructor for you.

Samantha is the full package: Patient, Knowledgeable, Caring and Inspiring you have to check out her classes!!!”

-Adrianne, Instructor and Performer

“Samantha Karim is one of Arizona’s local treasures full of knowledge, expertise, compassion, fun, and energy. Now with technology, everyone has the ability to take one of her many class offerings and you will not be disappointed. Samantha not only offers challenging classes but also makes them approachable and accessible for any level. She also shares her weekly #OneMinuteDrill that demystifies belly dance movements.

Do yourself a favor and try her classes!”

-Shannon of Divine Chaos Tribal Company