The Easiest Way to Start Belly Dancing – Take a Free Class

Learning to belly dance can be intimidating. Many people want to belly dance but might not know where to start. Some things that stop people from taking the first (dance) step are not knowing where to find classes, being scared to put themselves out there in a class, or don’t have classes in their area that they could go to. 


But there are so many options for people who want to start. Finding an option for you will be easy and a great way for you to take the leap into belly dancing. With the internet, you can really explore classes, teachers, and videos that will help you get started. 


Take a Free Online Belly Dance Class 


There is no arguing that a live class is the best and most popular way for people to learn how to dance. If you can’t be in person, live online classes are the best way to work with a teacher from the comfort of your own home. Sign up for any free live classes you find and get to know new teachers and different dance styles. 


When getting set up at your home, you’ll want to get on camera so a teacher can give you feedback and help you get the most out of a class. You’ll get the same quality of lessons as a paid class. This is well worth doing as many as you can whenever you see them. 


Take your first live class with us for FREE with our beginner Belly Dance class! You can pick a time that works for you and dance with me for 60 minutes!


Watch a Youtube Tutorial


There are so many amazing channels that provide beginners tutorials for anyone learning to belly dance from day one all the way up to professional dance advice for seasoned dancers or performers. Start by looking for “beginner belly dance tutorial” or “easy belly dance class” and follow along. 


My channel has plenty of introductory classes and specific videos that even break down specific dance moves. Have trouble with one step? You can find videos on ways to troubleshoot and make adjustments. Create a playlist of introductory and beginner lessons for belly dancing that you enjoy that you can come back and enjoy time and time again. Because practice makes perfect! 


Take On-Demand Belly Dance Classes


While live classes are amazing, you might not always have a schedule that works with the times available. So the next best thing is pre-recorded classes. You can start a belly dance class that you can do at your own pace that starts from beginner classes and works up and builds on the skills you’re learning in each class. 

The self-paced classes are also great if you want to go slow because you are a beginner or want to speed up as you get more into it. During a busy week, you can take fewer classes and weeks where you have more time you can dance every day! There is no limit to how many you can take a week with self-paced online classes. 


I hope you find these options a great way to ease into belly dancing if you’ve found it hard to get started. I hope to see you in my live class where I can help you get started with and answer any questions you might have! And don’t forget to try out your free live class!


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