Video lessons

Video lessons

How To Get Started

How To Get Started

If you are NEW to dance or belly dancing, definitely watch this video BEFORE starting your lessons. You'll feel more prepared and excited to start your online classes!

Build My Practice Sheet

How to use your BMP (Build My Practice Sheet) and get a lot out of your sessions. Dancing with a purpose can fulfill your goals.

Live Classes

Member Exclusive Classes

These live classes were held for Kickass Members have been recorded for you to watch indefinitely! Enjoy!

Live Stream Recordings

Live Stream Classes can be viewed for 2 weeks! Watch, learn, and even repeat the class many times!

Beginning/Just For Fun Track!

Beginning/Just For Fun

Cover all the basics and foundations first so you feel super-dee-duper ready to move on to the next level! Follow these classes in order of their listing to get the most benefit...they are cumulative. 😉 Have fun, laugh, and dance, dance, DANCE!


Lower Body

Let's work with the hips, lower abdomen, and more! Get your core activated, while working with dynamics of how to make lower body movement more interesting and fun! You got this!

Upper Body

Chest, torso, arms...learning how to incorporate upper body allows for beautiful full body movement. Great for drum solos, smooth movement and amazing choreography, we will break down the complexities of our upper body.


It's time to start deconstructing foot work and how traveling can be really interesting and fun! We'll look at different ways to do traveling, turns, and foot work so your dancing is layered beautifully with the rest of your body. Here we go!


Combinations and choreographies help us put all the movement into play but also show us where we need to develop more and where we are doing really well! You will have a chance to purchase the music...link will be with each video. Take your time and remember it's not always about the movement but the concept or the flow of the choreography.


Time to dance! We will move through the movement we have studied...without stopping! Practice makes permanent and it's important to link movement together and get the time we need to work our brains and body into habitual technique.

Face and Breath Work

Man, do we avoid this area or what?! Let's stop being scared of working with our face and breath on stage. Remember, this is just as important as every other layer in our movement. Take your time with this and have fun working with your amazing expressions! 😀

Concepts & Elements of Expression

There are multiple concepts and Elements of Expression that we use in our dance to make it more interesting. Timing, sharpness, direction changes are just a few of the elements we play with in order to make our expression clear and match the music. How many can you name off the top of your head?

Instructor's Tools

As a teacher, you know the feeling of wanting to give to your students. But not just give...give well and generously. These are just a few things I've picked up along the way and learned in my years of teaching. Being an instructor is hard. Cut yourself some slack and look to the support of your colleagues. Remember, we are a community...you're not alone. <3



How to use the veil and let it be an extension of you.


Being a musician and a dancer can be done with these zills/sagat videos!