Why Should You Do Online Belly Dancing Classes 

Right now, people are moving their activities online, and a big question I am getting is if they should be taking belly dancing classes online. Absolutely!


You should definitely take an online belly dancing class, and here are several reasons why! In this blog, we cover some of my favorite reasons why you should be taking online belly dancing classes.



Learn from Multiple Teachers


One of the best reasons you should be taking an online belly dancing class is because you get to take classes from multiple teachers. As students, it is really hard for us to do every in-person class that we want. And, what if two of your favorite teachers offer the same class on the same night? You may feel like you’re really missing out if you have to choose between the two.


Unfortunately, you can’t be in two places at one time, but you can take support and learn from multiple instructors without having to choose. With online belly dancing classes from The Inner Dancer, you can learn from live or recorded classes, allowing you to choose when you take your lessons. With online classes, you never miss techniques from your favorite instructors.



You’re in a Small Town


Online classes are great if you live in a small town where belly dancing isn’t as popular. Taking an online class is a great way to expand your available activities, or to find an instructor that you really enjoy following.


If you live in an area that doesn’t actually have an instructor with whom you would like to study or in the style in which you want to study, you can take a FREE live class with me! Now you can have the luxury of having belly dancing instruction at your fingertips.


Online belly dancing classes are a great way to continue your learning or supplement your training when you are away from an in-person studio.


If you are from a small town or are looking for a new instructor and a new experience, check out our online classes! It is a great way to experience several different curriculums, from beginning to intermediate/advanced, all from the comfort of your home.



Have Someone to Study With


Studying and dancing with someone is always so much more fun when you’re not alone. Typically, we don’t want to feel by ourselves, and we all need a coach. Even the master instructors have their own coaches. It is so important that we continue to have someone to push us further and hold us accountable. When you take an online class, you can have someone join you and support you on your journey.



Different Styles of Teaching


I know for me, one of the reasons I studied with different instructors is because those instructors teach in different ways.


If one instructor told me how to do an undulation one way and another instructor told me how to do it another way, it’s really great for my mind and body to hear those two instructors tell me two different ways of executing one movement, allowing me to experience different techniques and viewpoints. With online classes, you’re able to do just that because you can take various lessons from different instructors.


You’ll be able to get a well-rounded education because you know how to execute the same movement in multiple ways. We are all different, and we may not learn the same way. Having online classes at our fingertips, with exposure to several instructors, is an excellent way of discovering ways to learn that work best for you. With more instructors and more teaching styles, we consume more information, and this can hold us to conquer new movements and achieve more body awareness.


Before long, you’ll be combining the information that you have learned from different instructors to find your own way of achieving various movements.



Stay Home and Save Money


Another great reason for doing online classes, you get to stay at home and sometimes it’s cheaper that way. Sometimes we just don’t have the time or financial resources. Often it can be hard to travel across town, to spend the gas money, spend the travel time getting there, take the class, then spend the gas money coming back.


And honestly, some of us are more comfortable learning from home than in a live class, full of people.



Online Live vs. Recorded Classes

A great reason to sign up for online classes is that you can choose between live and recorded classes. With live classes, you get the immediate feedback you want from the instructor as if you were right there in the class.


However, with a recorded class, you will see a whole new set of benefits. With recorded online classes, you get all the material you need to study on your own time, so you don’t have to be tied down to a specific time and date. Learn when it is best convenient for you!

For many of us, this is so important! We lead busy lives, and being able to fit classes into our schedule is key to our success. It’s a super-fantastic way to stay connected to each other even when we are busy.


I’m sure there are many other benefits to taking online belly dance classes that I may have missed! If I haven’t listed your reasons for loving them, please leave a comment below and share your experience with the rest of us!


And of course, don’t forget to sign up for your own classes! If you are interested in online classes you can take your first live class with us for FREE with our beginner Belly Dance class! You can pick a time that works for you and dance with me for 60 minutes!


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